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Hire A Dinosaur is the Worlds Greatest provider of Dinosaur based Entertainment with a wide variety of Living Dinosaurs! Our ultra high quality of Performers and Creatures is the reason we are trusted for the biggest and best events around the world!


Hire A Dinosaur or even a herd of our Dinosaurs for your next event!

We have several types of Dinosaurs for you to hire from the infamous Tyrannosaurs Rex, to the terrifying Raptors and the very cute Baby Dinosaurs! All of these come with a ‘Handler’ who will ensure your guests are full entertained.

Our Dinosaurs are truly the best in the World, built and maintained by us to our exact specification, we ensure our creatures bring the awe and spectacle of a Jurassic World to life. See Below for our Clients and Information about what makes us great at what we do!

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We have lots of amazing creatures – you can Hire a Dinosaur but that’s not all… you can also Hire a Dragon, Gorilla, Lions, Transformers, Robots, and much more!

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What makes our Dinosaur Events Team so good? 

Our team have been professional Actors and Creature Performers for well over 20 years and in addition to Live Events work our team have been in Film & TV including:  STARWARS, SKYFALL, PREDATOR, DARK AGES, TORCHWOOD, GLADIATOR, EXTINCTION, JURASSIC PREDATORS and many more great multimedia titles and games including GHOST RECON 5

Hire A Dinosaur is the NUMBER 1 Dinosaur Hire Company in Europe. Our team are Experts in large Corporate & Public Events Experts as well as in Press Events & all types of Media Work. Hire A Dinosaur are the first and only Bespoke Children’s Dinosaur Entertainers and are Fully Insured and Risk Assessed. What’s more we only use Professional Actors  and Creature Performers that are handpicked Team Members.  Our team are a huge part of what makes us!

  • The only physical Dinosaur Hire Company to work with Jurassic World
  • The only Dinosaur company to be Featured on ITV & the BBC
  • The most Real Life Dinosaurs in Europe and the US
  • Fully Bespoke Service for every booking Bespoke
  • Sound Effects for every Dinosaur
  • UNBEATABLE Customer Service
  • 20 years experience in the Entertainment Industry
  • Highest Levels of Performers in the Industry
  • Full Insurance & Risk Assessments
  • All year round Entertainers

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What makes us The Number 1 Dinosaur Hire Company in the world?

Among other things, we only use Professional Actors and Creature Performers with REAL physical performance credits such as Star Wars, Ghost Recon, Extinction & Predator. We don’t believe that just “anyone” can just turn up and perform. It’s imperative to make every aspect of a performance look and feel real, to suspend the disbelief. That’s why a key part of our Service is to only use great performers who we work with regularly to ensure our Team are trained in how to move to make our Dinosaurs effortlessly come to life

Creature Performer “Predator”, Battle Droid “Star Wars”,  Performer, Scott Mitchell “Ghost Recon”

In addition to that, we have the most realistic Dinosaurs available, with each of our creatures custom built to our high standards. There are now a handful of cheap imitation “costumes” out there with poor functionality and very limited movement, which ruins the realism. At Hire A Dinosaur we do things properly and to the highest standards, just a part of the Service we deliver to our Clients. Our Creatures walk, talk, blink, breathe and ROAR so they look and sound just like real Prehistoric Monsters!

With our handpicked Team and our Highest Quality Creatures, we pride ourselves in our ability to over deliver to every one of our clients at every event. We are uncompromising on quality control, so we are able to guarantee being the best in our field. This means that you get the absolute most out of our Team each and every time you book with us

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As if that wasn’t enough, all of our services are fully customizable so you can bespoke any Event to match your exact requirements and specifications. Don’t just take our word for it, click here to check out what our Clients are saying about us:

What our Clients are saying

“When the T-Rex broke out of the barriers, the crowds were genuinely terrified until we remembered it wasn’t actually a real T-Rex! So many people kept saying was it real?! Thanks to the team for their fantastic work and their amazing Dinosaurs” Jurassic World Event, London

“We used Dino Hire for a large outdoor event with ten thousand people attending, and the dinosaur was by far the most popular attraction. The team were punctual, professional and able to meet the very specific needs of our event. The dinosaur itself is extremely life-like, interacting with the public at close quarters with its handler. The dinosaur was walking, opening and closing it’s eyes and mouth, and moving as you’d expect such a prehistoric beast to. Children were mesmerized, adults loved it, and we’ll be most definitely inviting The Dinosaur Team back next year!” Bay Promo Team

“Thank you for a fantastic event on the 7th! We received an amazing response to this, with some excellent media coverage too with a double page spread in one paper! Kids and adults alike were wowed by T-Rex – the movements, actions and even the feel of it was so life-like. Footfall for the event was up 30% year on year, a fantastic number with nearly four thousand people attending the Brewery during this period. It contributed to the busiest week of the summer” Cheltenham Brewery

“The Dinosaurs made my son’s Birthday! We booked Dino Hire for a Dino Discovery Dig and the Raptors. The Team were great and helped us to organise the best package for his 6th Birthday. In the end we went for the Digs and The Raptors. They set up their tent on the green opposite the house (we weren’t sure if it was going to rain and it did drizzle in the end!) and we had the party in there. The kids loved it (some of the parents got involved with digging too!) and when the Raptors came out they were thrilled. The Team were professional and great with the children and they loved the certificates at the end! Thanks Dino Hire” Private Children’s Party, London

“Great Party! Kids loved the Dinosaurs, especially the roaring and the Team were lovely.” T-Rex Birthday, Surrey

“Our Client needed something impressive and different. We looked around for original ideas for a large Corporate Event and found Dino Hire and they proved to be the best choice we could’ve made! We booked the T-Rex and it was brilliant. Our Client was thrilled” Corporate Event, London

“We booked some of the Dino Hire Skeletons for a Photo Shoot. The Team were brilliant at working around our difficult hours and time frames. The shoot looked great.” Photo Shoot, London

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We have an array of products with specifically tailored towards our different client bases within:

  • Large Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Public Shows
  • Private Parties

In addition to these we also do a Live Show and Tour for both Entertainment and Educational Purposes


T Rex : Raptors : Baby Dinosaurs : Hatch-lings : Discovery Digs : Workshops : Large Dinosaur Skeleton Displays : Event Decoration


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Not looking to Hire the Transformers? Don’t worry, we have lots of other amazing creatures that would work for your event!  Lions, Apes, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Werewolves, Bigfoot, Yeti, Sharks, Hybrids, Superheros and much much more! Do you want something totally bespoke? We can do that too! What about creating an immersive experience? No problem! Talk to our team TODAY and see what we can do for you !