Dinosaur Fossil Digs



Kids love digging, they love Dinosaurs and the love discovering things. That’s why we developed our Dinosaur Fossil Digs – an awesome activity for a variety of ages that engages children in the learning. How about an exciting Dinosaur Discovery Dig Activity? This is our most popular package for children’s Birthday parties as it’s fun, interactive AND educational!

We provide all the Props, Dinosaur Bones and Fossils and even the ‘Dig Site’ which is transported straight to your location, which means no mess, no fuss, just some amazing activities for a range of age groups! The Birthday Boy or Girl also receives a Special and Personalised Discovery Dig Present and all the other children receive a Personalised Discovery Dig Certificate! We provide enough Fun and Entertainment for up to 20 children!

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Package Options:

  • Discovery Dig + Raptor
  • Discovery Dig +¬†Baby Dino
  • Discovery Dig + T-Rex
  • Discovery Dig + Adult Raptor or Baby Dino
  • Discovery Dig + Adult Raptor or Baby Dino + Video
  • Discovery Dig + Adult Raptor Or Baby Dino + Video + Stills

EVERY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE INCLUDES Personalised Birthday Present PLUS Personalised Friends Certificates for FREE with every Dig as standard!
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Does all of that sound too good to limit yourself to only one Option? Can’t choose which Option to go for?

With our Bespoke Booking Service we will design any Event for you to meet your exact Event Requirements

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Whatever package you decide to go for, we offer FREE PROMOTION across all of our Social Media channels which include FACEBOOK and TWITTER for EVERY Dino Hire event!

If you would like to take full advantage of our free promotion all you need to do is to send over all your relevant Event Information including any artwork and links to your social media channels!

We have a dedicated fan base who are desperate to see when our next DINOSAUR appearance is so make sure they know when and where your event is!

Contact our Team for a Quote! info@dinohire.com +44 (0) 208 224 5370