Dinosaur Kids Party Ideas

Dinosaur Kids Parties are great fun, a chance to go wild and let the imagination run wild. With the Hire A Dinosaur Team you can have the Ultimate Kids Party at the venue of your choice, be it a hall, public space or your very own home!

We have a number of options specifically created for Dinosaur Kids Party Ideas and our team are on hand to take the stress out of the event and inject some really unique dinosaur based fun!

We know that planning kids parties can be pretty confusing at times, so at Hire A Dinosaur, we do everything we can to make it simple and easy. We have a number of options that can be booked, or you can have us create something totally bespoke for your event. In most cases we are hired as the only entertainment for a birthday event, however in the case of a client wanting to hire in us and other entertainment, we can work well with the client and other entertainers to ensure a fluid event!

You can choose form the Raptor, Or Baby Dinosaurs or one of our Dinosaur Discovery Digs where kids can dig for fossils and find and identify the bones of prehistoric beasts! These options are available singularly or as combinations! As part of our Kids Parties Options we offer party bag stuffing and a gift for the Birthday Boy or Girl!

Kids Parties Option 1

  • Meet the Dinosaurs – Baby Dinosaurs

Kids Parties Option 2

  • Dinosaur Discovery Digs – Fossil Hunter!

Kids Parties Option 3

  • Dinosaur Discovery Digs & Meet the Dinosaurs – Baby Dinosaurs or Raptor

Kids Parties Option 4

  • T-Rex
  • T-Rex and Friends
  • Jurassic Party – T-Rex – Dinosaur Discovery Digs – Raptors – Baby Dinosaurs

Kids Parties Option 5

  • Dinosaurs Live – The Live Show


Kids Parties Option 6

  • Dinosaur Discovery Interactive Digs & Digital Content